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Samples of our work

Client: Existing Business

Service: Redesign 

The sales team at Holly Wine wanted to level up their sales presentation. They wanted a modern, crisp and professional design.


We used visualization to bring out their brand message to their potential clients. Using their brand guidelines, we designed visuals that propel their brand and message.

Client: Startup

Service: Full-service Pitch Development

We worked with the Roseli sales team to create their perfect sales presentation to pitch to dermatologists and medspas.

We worked with them from scratch. We undertook in-depth research and analysis of the skincare industry and validated the brand promise with credible data. We crafted the copy which was reviewed and accepted by the team. We took it further to create complimentary visuals that bring their brand message to life.


With this sales pitch, the Roseli sales team have already won over 6 skincare centres (still counting) that carry their product line.         

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