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Market Research:

A business's secret superpower.

Opening more doors of opportunity for founders.

Investors are looking for a market that is worth going after and offers an opportunity to build non-linear growth. We work with founders to identify opportunities in new or existing markets. Our team of market research experts provide bespoke and expert services to help founders build knowledge about their market, competitors and customers.

Market Opportunities

What are the factors driving the market?

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Validation is the name of the game of funding.

Investors are looking to identify and validate business investment opportunities and the most effective solution they rely on is data. Investors are not only looking for great ideas but are focusing on the proven need and proven execution. We use data to improve your chances of an investment ideal. Without a concrete market validation, the chances of successfully raising VC funding are low.

Market Validation

Will target demographic

want to use your


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The best strategy is guided by data.

We provide in-depth perception of what drives demand, identify key consumer segments and their unique problems, and pinpoint realistic competitors and the strategies they are using. This serves marketing management by providing information which is relevant to decision-making. We use market research to reduce the uncertainty surrounding the decisions to be made.

Meet some of

our Customers

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People Working in Open Office

“Keziah took on a project not many people could do, which was taking a disorganized business (w/ disorganized owner) and transformed it into an organized business with the foundation to grow 100x”

— Mike Piet

Founder - Triple Your Traffic

Business Team

“Great communication skills, attention to detail, thorough in research and a joy to work with. Highly recommend. ”

— Guillaume Falardeau

Founder - Leviat Legal, Canada

Business Meeting

Ready to find new opportunities & validate your market?

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