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Helping founders find the right investor to target.

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Creating the perfect investor connection.

With over a decade of years in the field of venture capital funding, we have not only assisted clients with great pitches but we have empowered our clients with power lists of investors whose goals align with theirs to ensure the perfect investor fit. We work closely with the client's team to ensure that we are creating the perfect investor list. 

Investor Target List

Targeting the

right investor.

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Investor Connection

Connecting with the right investor.

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We equip clients with the needed pitch deck which covers information about their product or service, market, opportunity, competition, team, value proposition, investment needs, strategic and commercial plan and financials (past and forecast, P&L, cash flow and balance sheet).


Applying, connecting and meeting with venture capital partners.


Pitching and Follow-ups


Approval of investment, finalizing and signing the term sheet. Drafting and executing the legal agreements.

Releasing of funds.


“I have been working with this team for a while now. I am pleased with the list of investors we received. Very detailed with all needed information. I was 100% confident they will deliver and they did.”

— Alex Benson

Co-founder - Merker


“We were sceptical at first but glad we gave them a shot. They learned a lot about our company and brand and knew the kind of investors needed. We have started reaching out to the investors and the responses are great.”

— Samantha Kaiser

Founder - Belco Diagnostics

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It's time to connect.

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