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Hello, I'm Keziah, Your Pitch Ally.

I create captivating

pitch decks that connect.

I specialize in creating captivating and persuasive investor and sales pitch decks that help businesses connect with investors and clients and bring growth to their businesses.

Investor Pitch Decks
Sales Pitch Decks
An investor and sales pitch deck expert

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to connect with investors and clients?

A well-crafted pitch presentation is a key element for connecting with investors and clients. It gets potential investors excited about your idea and clients excited about your products or services. I combine storytelling, creativity and design principles to deliver the most captivating pitch decks on the market. 

How I can help with your pitch?

A sales pitch presentation for a skincare brand
An investor pitch presentation for a wine company

Pitch Research

Research is the foundation that supports your pitch. It helps craft a well-informed, persuasive, and credible presentation that is more likely to resonate with your investors and clients and achieve desired outcomes. I provide an in-depth perception of what drives demand, identify key consumer segments and their unique problems, and pinpoint realistic competitors and their strategies. 

A sales pitch presentation for a wine company

Pitch Content

The key to a successful pitch is value. Investors are drawn to value and customers pay for value. I ensure the success of your pitch by crafting compelling and persuasive content that not only conveys information but also ensures your pitch is valuable to your investors and clients because it meets their needs, provides solutions, offers unique insights, inspires, clarifies, engages and aligns with their goals.

A sales pitch presentation for a wine company

Pitch Design

Design is important to the success of your pitch because it affects how your message is perceived, understood, and retained by investors and clients. A thoughtful and well-executed design enhances the overall impact of your message and increases the likelihood of a successful pitch. I ensure your pitch is visually appealing and captures investors' and clients' attention from the moment they see the first slide.

I help founders connect with the right investors

I work closely with founders to find the right investor to target to ensure that they are creating the perfect investor fit.

A founder of a company having a meeting with a potential investor

Recent Projects

logo of spotless burgers
Flawless execution.
Keziah was recommended by a previous client and she did not disappoint. Completed pitch project in record time with excellent communication.


Co-founder - Spotless Burgers

An investor pitch presentation for a vegan burger brand

Why work with me?

I am a pitch presentation hyperspecialist. I am constantly looking to push the boundaries of pitch presentation to bring exponential results to my clients. I bring unique and fresh perspectives to every project thanks to my bold, persistent, and forward-thinking style.

How I Work

01. Creative Discovery

I listen carefully to understand your goals, vision, target audience, and project scope.

02. Research 

I will analyze the industry, competitors, and trends relevant to your business. I’ll help you differentiate your message by understanding where you fit in the market and ensuring your visual storytelling is unique.

03. Concept Development

Now that I know what’s special about your business, the artistry begins. I’ll create visual representations of design directions to discuss with you. I will start with the approved concept and create the initial design drafts. I will collaborate closely with you, incorporating your feedback throughout the design process.

04. Design Refinement

I will make revisions based on your feedback and internal reviews. After a maximum of three revisions to your favourite concept, we’ll create a full slate of designs to round out your project.

05. Finalization

Upon your formal approval of the final design, I deliver the design files in the required formats.

A pitch deck expert

Are you ready to connect with investors and clients?

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